ERX Airdrop! Start Trading, earn free ERX!

To celebrate our new listing, Iquant will be giving away 10 ERX to anyone who holds ERX or has 0.3 BTC in their wallet by March 29th, 2018. So head on over to and start trading today to take advantage of some free ERX!

March 22nd 00:00 – March 29th 23:59

If all your assets in iquant exchange is worth more than 0.3 BTC or you have ERX before 11:59 PM on March 29th, 2018, you will get 10 ERX.

(1) BTC value will be calculated based on the price at 24:00 of 29 Mar.;
(2) All the rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the campaign finish.
(3) For those who want to earn profits through clicking farm and other bad ways, we have the rights to deny their rewards!


Post ICO Update

Erotix Q1 2018 accomplishments and future goals


Fans and Investors! We would like to thank you for your continued support in the Erotix Platform! Our pre-ICO sale went very well and our main ICO (Feb 1st-28th) was not quite what we expected but it definitely helped us realize what needs to be done in order to achieve success. We are actually working on quite a few things at the moment, though we can’t disclose everything not because we don’t want to, but because it wouldn’t be fair to you if we couldn’t deliver everything we say. Nevertheless, there are quite a few things that are in the pipeline that we can definitely bring to the table in order to show you that wheels are in motion.

Website Prototype – Alex and Jasper have been hard at work getting a prototype of the Erotix tube site working that we hope to have available soon as a base for the final product. Consider this an Alpha-version of a finished product. We will provide screenshots and/or videos so that you can have a better idea of what we’re imagining.

Exchanges – Rogelio and Zach have been diligently doing their best to get our token listed on an exchange. Everyone starts somewhere and we may have a few less-prominent exchanges ready to work with us. Expect news soon on at least one exchange.

Social Media Marketing – Stan and Jade continue their enthusiastic work on all outlets of our social media campaigns. They remain committed to keeping all forms of social media up to date including the Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, 4Chan, Reddit, and the ANN Thread.

Marketing – Tim and Chris have been hastily working with potential models to become Erotix-Girls for publicity events and materials.

Public Relations – Christian, OldPanda, Rubbeus, and Zareeth eagerly strive to provide answers to all inquiries, keep track of contests and timelines, explore new options, perform additional research, watch the forums, and most importantly support support support the team (we can’t stress this enough)

To reiterate, we’re working behind the scenes a lot right now but don’t forget to do what you can to get Erotix out there and feel free to hang out on our Discord! Stay Tuned!