Development Update

Development Update

Since it’s been a while since our previous post, we would like to give everyone a run-down on what’s been happening behind the scenes here at Erotix. During the past months, our team has been busy preparing for the worldwide launch of the Erotix Token and the token sale.

The development team has been working on setting up the smart contracts for the token creation and token sale. Concurrently, we have started internal testing of the Erotix Network video tube website. So far, performance looks promising and we have even started with the first implementations of the Erotix Reward algorithm.

In the meanwhile, our marketing team has been working on setting up promotions and designing artwork. The first promotions have already been featured on our twitter account. Next week, we will also launch our first discord promotion so be sure to join our discord server when you get the chance.

Next week, we will release the full details of our ICO after which we shall roll out our worldwide promotion of Erotix. Not only will we start contacting exchanges and media outlets, we will also release many more promotions. All these promotions will be featured on both our Twitter account and Discord Server, so make sure you follow us!

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