Discord Promotion

Discord Token Bounty

As announced in our last blog post, we will be hosting a discord promotion to celebrate the announcement of our ICO. For this promotion, we have set aside 5.000 Erotix Tokens and all that you have to do is invite people to join our Discord server!

That’s right, all you have to do is generate an ‘Instant Invite’ link so you can invite people to join our server and in return, you’ll have the chance to earn a share of those 5.000 Erotix Tokens.

The person that manages to invite the most people to our Discord server, will earn the grand prize of 2.000 ERX. The second and third place will earn 1.000 and 500 ERX respectively. The remaining 1.500 is split over five randomly chosen users. This means, that everyone has the chance to earn some Erotix Tokens.

In order to take part in the promotion, you will have to join our Discord server if you haven’t done so already. Joining is easy, just click this link and log in to your discord account. Then, generate an ‘Instant Invite’ link by right-clicking the #general channel and clicking the button:

Generate an instant invite link
Generating an instant invite link

This will give you a personalized invite link which we can these use to track how many users you have invited to our server!

The Discord Bounty will run until the 28th of February, which is the end date of our ICO. Good luck inviting!

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