ICO Announcement

Ico Announcement

We have officially set the release date and details of our ICO. Our ICO will commence on February the 1st and will run for a total of 4 weeks.

During the ICO, the Erotix Tokens will be sold in four rounds of 10.000.000 Tokens each. Whenever a round has been sold out, the price of each Erotix Token increases thus the earlier you invest; the more Erotix Tokens you will receive.

The first round is priced at 5000 ERX per each invested Ethereum. In other words, for each Ethereum that you invest, you receive 5000 Erotix Tokens in return. Thus with the current Ethereum exchange rate of $1,037.84, the price of a single Erotix Token is set at $0.21.

In the second round, the price goes up to 4500 ERX/ETH. Followed by an increase to 4000 ERX/ETH in the third round with a final price of 3500 ERX/ETH during the fourth and final round.

ICO Rounds
ICO Rounds Infographic

Furthermore, we will host a pre-sale for friends and early investors. During the pre-sale, investors will receive a generous discount on Erotix Tokens. A total of 4.000.000 Erotix Tokens will be sold during this pre-sale. Further details along with a registration form will be posted soon.

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