How to purchase Erotix using MyEtherWallet

We’ve been getting quite a few inquiries on how one purchases our ICO so we thought we would do a quick write-up on how to do so. Below is how to purchase Erotix.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for loss of funds from negligence or a missing step. We recommend you test these instructions out on a small amount of Ether first to prevent any substantial losses.

This tutorial assumes that you already know how to acquire Ether.  If you do not know how to acquire Ether, for most US customers the easiest way to do so would be to make an account at, sign up and buy Ether. From there you will need to send the Ether to this newly created wallet. Please remember to do these things at your own risk.

Once you have acquired Ether, you need a wallet that supports ERC20.  ERC20 is a protocol that allows you to buy ICO Tokens built on the Ethereum Network. There are two types of wallets: a downloadable wallet or an online wallet.  A good online wallet would be . The advantage to the online wallet is that you can literally make an account and have a wallet in minutes. The disadvantage of an online wallet is that you may forget your password or the wallet website itself may have its security compromised.  The advantage to a downloadable wallet is that you can copy the wallet, back it up to another hard drive, or generally keep the wallet “safe” at home.  If the PC is off the internet either by lack of power or disconnected, no one can come in and “steal” your ether by hacking. The drawback to a downloadable wallet is that it must download the entire blockchain before you may begin. This “syncing” process does take 2-4 days of downloading the block data and can reach 50+gigabytes of data.

This tutorial will be using the online wallet

  1. Go to
  2. Once you are there, double check that you are at the right place by confirming the address in your address bar.
  3. Create a new wallet by making up a password in the main text box. Please make sure you typed the right password using the “Eye” button to the right. If you get it wrong you will never be able to enter your wallet again. Click “Create New Wallet” when you are ready.

Create a new wallet

  1. On the next page download your keystore file.

Saving Keystore File

  1. Make sure you save it somewhere safe. Copy and Paste it to multiple places if you are afraid you are going to lose it. If you lose it you will never be able to access your Ether wallet again. One recommendation could be to email it to yourself to a secure email that you never use.
  2. Save your private key. Copy/Paste this text into a text file and save it to your computer. Same rules apply as in the previous step: try to make multiple copies and put it somewhere where you know it can’t get lost.
    Saving Private key
  3. Click “Save your Address”. On the next screen, you will now get to Open the wallet you just created. The previous steps were only to create the wallet, but now you need to “log in” to the wallet, using the info you just saved.  You can do this via two methods: by uploading the Keystore file you just made, or by copy/pasting the private key you just made.Opening Your Address
  4. Once you are “in”, you will notice you have an “Account Address”. This is your ether address. Send ether to this address and it will arrive here.  Once you have an ether balance in this address, you need to buy Erotix Tokens.  In order to complete this next step, once you have funds in your ether wallet, click “Send Ether and Tokens” from the top.Send Ether & Tokens
  5. You will need to “log in” again.
  6. Send Ether to the address provided from the ICO, and you will receive Erotix tokens in return. This may take up to 2 hours but will most likely occur in a few minutes.
    Purchase Erotix Tokens
  7. Click on “View Wallet Info”. You may need to “log in” again with your private key or JSON file.
    View Wallet Info
  8. Scroll to the bottom and add a custom token using the following information:

Address: 0x54fe56d168a8c847dbf13dd6e0fcfffa4e55d467
Symbol: ERX
Decimals: 18
Adding ERX as a custom token

  1. You should now have an Erotix (ERX) balance.
    Viewing ERX Balance
  2. To send ERX Tokens out from this wallet in the future, you need to go back to “Send Ether & Tokens” and change your currency to the Erotix (ERX) token and a valid Erotix Address.
    Sending ERX